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Jim Murdoch
Originally from Montana and with family ties to West Virginia and Appalachia, Jim first performed in the San Francisco Bay Area with The Pickle Family Circus as an apprentice clown and roustabout, appearing in clown and club juggling routines. Outside the ring, Jim pursued a variety of interests: jazz and classical piano, accordion, movement and dance, including five years studying flamenco dance, castanets and music with Rosa Montoya (niece of flamenco guitarist Carlos Montoya) in San Francisco.
Jim performs at festivals and fairs up and down the west coast from 'Lompoc to Puyallup,' playing his own compositions, as well as traditional songs and presenting his solo clown show, "The Dogs Bark but the Caravan Moves On,"
* Seattle's Bumbershoot Festival of the Arts
* The Los Angeles Shakespeare Festival
* The Great Monterey Squid Festival
* The San Francisco Festival of the Sea

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